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2022-06-04 03:31:18 By : Ms. Joyce Dong

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Preorder OL Reign's 2022 secondary jersey.

2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Seattle soccer. OL Reign announced its return to Seattle after three years at Tacoma's Cheney Stadium. The Sounders became the first Major League Soccer team to win the Concacaf Champions League and qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup. Pre-professional team Ballard FC kicked off its inaugural season.

Whether you're a die-hard soccer fan or just a die-hard Seattleite, there's no time like the present to rep our local teams.

We love throwback threads, especially of the athletic variety. But there's a special place in our hearts for the '90s Seattle Sounders logo: the purple and turquoise of a jazz-patterned paper cup, the adorable image of an orca mid-header with what must be the world's largest soccer ball. We're going to Memorial Stadium in our minds.

From her World Cup titles to her pay equity activism to her status as one half of the city's favorite power couple, when it comes to OL Reign forward Megan Rapinoe, "proud" doesn't begin to cover it.

A cardinal sin of early-season soccer games: covering up your tee or jersey with nondescript, totally unfestive outerwear. This green-accented, collared coach jacket provides a seasonally appropriate solution.

Sometimes you just gotta "Be Bold" and play the classics.

Then-22-year-old Bethany Balcer scored OL Reign's first-ever goal at Tacoma's Cheney Stadium in 2019. Here's to many replays at Lumen Field in 2022.

Soccer scarves and side shuffles aren't the only ways Sounders fans warm up: Match the team's Jimi Hendrix kit with a cozy, pom-adorned knit hat.

Celebrate one of the nation's first neighborhood football clubs with Ballard FC's battle cry, "Up the bridges!" (something fans who live north of Salmon Bay will certainly curse to themselves on the way to Interbay, where the team actually plays). Bonus points for wearing this tee while you drink Reuben's eponymous 10th-anniversary beer.

Stand out from the sea of Sounders gear by proclaiming your love for the city a little more boldly. One side of this acrylic knit scarf reads "Pride of the Northwest"; the other, perfect for anytime you're seated in front of a particularly obnoxious opposing team member, reads "Seattle Til I Die."

Twinning with the likes of forward Ally Watt is only part of the appeal of OL Reign's customizable secondary jersey, which represents the team's work building generational wealth in Washington state's Black community with the Black Future Co-Op Fund. (Note: This is the narrow-fit version; the regular fit version already sold out of most sizes.)

Did you think we were over the old Sounders logo by this point in the article? Not when it's placed atop a split-tone, tie-dye tee.

Get the little ones interested in the one true football without paying the big bucks for pro-league seats. Tickets to watch Ballard's new team at Interbay Stadium cost $15 for general admission and $12.50 for standing room, while kids five and under can experience the joy of soccer for free.

What is soccer if not a glorified game of fetch? That's how your dog probably sees it, anyway. Let them dress the part.

Reign, Reign Don't Go Away