Arizona Cardinals get huge chuck of cap space after Jordan Phillips cut

2022-06-04 03:30:05 By : Mr. Kevin Wang

Mandatory Credit: Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Phillips was cut earlier this year, but the benefits just hit the Arizona Cardinals’ cap space.

Jordan Phillips didn’t have the greatest tenure here in the desert. What was supposed to be one of the sneakier signings of the 2020 off-season, Phillips couldn’t stay healthy enough to make a difference on defense.

In just 18 career games with the Cardinals, Phillips had 5.5 sacks and just over 30 tackles.

Many Arizona Cardinals fans were relieved to see Phillips released earlier this year in March. Phillips had a “June 1st” designation, which meant Arizona had to carry his cap hit until he was “officially” released and off their payroll in a way.

Instead of a cap hit of over $13M, Arizona only has to pay the dead cap number of $3.3M. This is where the $10M in cap space comes from when the subtraction is done.

The interior defensive line was and still is one of the weakest parts of the Arizona Cardinals’ roster.

Now with more breathing room, maybe the Cardinals fan finally make a move for a veteran that can have a bigger impact than what Phillips had (too bad it’s not Akiem Hicks)

That extra $10 million can also go towards Kyler Murray’s extension that has been the talk of the NFL this off-season.

The first big contract for the former Oklahoma Sooner could cost the Cardinals quite a lot of money. Every penny that can be saved will go a long way in making sure a deal gets done with Murray.

As for Phillips, he went back to Buffalo, the team he played for before coming to Arizona. It seems like Phillips is going to be better off in Buffalo, and the best of luck to him as these two go their separate ways.

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