This project was themed by my family's legacy and focused on the wedding dresses of my Mother's and Grandmother's and the stories they hold within. My grandparents were married in 1953, not long after they had escaped Europe following the holocaust. The wedding was held in the Tel-Aviv Rabbinate, without any guests. The only memory of that day lies in a few photographs of my grandmother in her wedding dress. My Grandfather said that the dress wasn’t hers – she had borrowed it from a colleague.

In 1981 my parents married and my mom, believing that a dress for one night alone would be a waste of money, had also decided to lend her wedding dress. I wanted to create a wedding dress that would tell their stories; and one that would finally be theirs. I had designed a long-linear elegant dress, with a pattern holding 1940’s & 1970’s style silhouettes, as a tribute to the borrowed wedding dresses. The textile is comprised of leftover fabrics and laces I had bought from a local Tel-Avivian Bridal Gown designer.