My Graduation collection is named after the apartment in Tel-Aviv, where my husband, Gur and I, had been living during the four years of my studies. Our apartment was a typical "Tel-Avivian" apartment, rented from Ms. Adina Shlein; a 90 year old woman who spent her entire life living in 17 Ben Zion Blvd.  Just like her apartment, Adina to me is a symbol of the old Tel-Aviv; well-kept and fancy. She left us a charming, yet outdated decor: full-wooden furniture, straw chairs and tired wallpaper.

To this constellation, we entered; A young modern couple, injecting a fresh, functional theme into the atmosphere.

And so, my collection integrates elegance and effortless – The silhouettes were taken from Adina’s old outfits, alongside iconic fashion elements. The pallet is comprised of a good-old Israeli Brown and Beige, and a splash of bold, bright colors; I used fabrics such as silk and cotton and casual fabrics such as nylon and drill.